What is the 12 Mural Project?

The 12 Mural Project is a means to promote the presence of and raise the standard of high-quality visual arts in Colorado Springs, enhance and re-beautify areas in need of revitalizing, attract tourism, create community and on-the-job-training, strengthen relationships between artists, and to support local art-related non-profits. The finished murals will be stunning and spectacular showcases of our local talent, creating new destinations and inspiration for art lovers, schools, tourists and residents.

Led by local artists Douglas Rouse and Mallori Rouse, the 12 Mural Project will combine the talents of professional working artists with aspiring artists. Twelve different locations throughout Colorado Springs, at least six of those being downtown, will be targeted to receive a mural and one team of 12 to 18 artists will be chosen for each mural.

A secure “donation box” will be affixed to each completed mural, along with proper signage explaining the 12 Mural Project and its fundraising potential. Tourists and citizens will be able to donate in any amount. Once all expenses associated with each mural have been paid the remaining, and future, collections will be pooled into a fund and distributed among local art-related non-profits. The donation boxes will remain in place for the life of the mural.


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